Sunday, July 26, 2020

1 Integrated Freelance Photography 23

Life On Display 


This website represents one of many ways that all perspective donors can contribute to IRSGINC, a nonprofit organization.  

All photos that are on this site are available through the form of donation to the International Relief Support Group (IRSG), INC., a nonprofit organization focused on providing healthcare to adults and children in underserved communities worldwide.

Sample reprint (not framed) sizes and minimum donation:
11x17 -  ($20),  16x20  - ($30),  20x30 - ($40)

If, requesting canvas, framed prints and\or other platforms,  IFP23 will work with individual donors on final product and final cost.

The Trussel
PerryPoint, Maryland

The Gathering
James River Ferry, Jamestown VA
Williamsburg, VA

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