Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Collection (Porsche )

 IFP23@Artworks on a photo shoot of unique collection of Porsche’s in Jamestown, Virginia 

*1970 911T Targa (Tangerine)
*1964 356 C (Silver)
*1973 911T Coup (Blue) 

The Arrival
Jamestown Settlement Museum, Virginia  

Over Watch
Jamestown Island, Jamestown, Virginia 

The Pursuit of Greatness 
Jamestown Island, Jamestown, Virginia 

The Front Line of Excellence 
Jamestown Island, Jamestown, Virginia 


Military Might Old and New

IFP23 and IRSGINC take time to tour Yorktown Battlefield in Virginia, coast of Jamaica and Naval Air Station (NSA) to watch Navy Blue Angeles Air Show.  The photos below represents a small sample of photos taken at both locations. If interested in viewing IFP23 database of military and air show photographs - please contact us using our contact section. 

Canon #1
Yorktown Battlefield, Va
Artillery Defenses
Yorktown Battlefield, Va 

Military Defenses
Coast of Jamaica

York River Defenses
Yorktown, Virginia 
United States Air Force - Legacy Flight

Navy Air Station (NAS) Jacksonvill, Florida
Annual Air Show Featuring Navy Blue Angels


The Month of Peppers 

From the garden of IRSGINC Florida location outside of Tampa, Florida. Have fun reviewing the monthly photographs featuring Peppers from the IRSGINC garden.

Wimauma, Fl 

Color of  Flavors
Wimauma, Fl 

Secret Message
Sandhill Crane
Tampa, Fl

First Pepper
Wimauma, Fl

1 Integrated Freelance Photography 23

Life On Display 


This website represents one of many ways that all perspective donors can contribute to IRSGINC, a nonprofit organization.  

All photos that are on this site are available through the form of donation to the International Relief Support Group (IRSG), INC., a nonprofit organization focused on providing healthcare to adults and children in underserved communities worldwide.

Sample reprint (not framed) sizes and minimum donation:
11x17 -  ($20),  16x20  - ($30),  20x30 - ($40)

If, requesting canvas, framed prints and\or other platforms,  IFP23 will work with individual donors on final product and final cost.

The Trussel
PerryPoint, Maryland

The Gathering
James River Ferry, Jamestown VA
Williamsburg, VA

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